Deaf Divers
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The Menai Bridge which links Anglesey to Mainland Wales is a good dive spot, there are some wrecks suitable for wreck diving but around here its mainly slight drift dives. Ideal for that drift dive course!!!
Capernwray is a fantastic diver training centre in the North West of England, Its based in Over Kellet, Carnforth. Capernwray is a quarry and has loads of features to see underwater such as Shegar. This site has a fantastic fairly new club house with a restaurant and a on site dive shop. They do a range of mixed gases, ideal for those doing nitrox, tri mix etc. More information can be found on
In Cornwall there are loads of Dive sites and the marine life here varies from Dolphins, Seals, Wrasse, Cuttle fish to Dead Mens Fingers.
Liverpool Bay
At the heart of Liverpool lies the Albert Docks, Here is ideal for novice divers as there is no currents and it only goes down to 7 metres. Here lives mussels, conger eels, anemones, prawns, long-spined sea scorpions and various other sealife.
Plymouth is on the South coast and is famed for the HMS Scylla which is the UK�s first ever artificial reef, The Scylla was sunk not so long ago so is a fairly new addition however marine life has increased rapidly and settled on the Scylla. Off the coast of Plymouth there are loads of dive sites varying from less than 18 metres all the way to more than 60 metres. There are loads of scenic and wreck dives to be done here
Scapa Flow
The Scapa Flow lies in the Orkney Islands which is in the North East of Scotland, The Scapa Flow is Britains historic wartime naval base hence loads of wreck diving to be done here, mostly WW1 Battleships (also German ships too!). If you want more information on the Scapa Flow -; Look at
St Abbs (& Eyemouth)
St Abbs is a small Scottish fishing village � This village is a conservation area so ideal for doing your project aware here. There is a lot of boat diving to be done from here, Again there are seals living here.
Stoney Cove
The National Dive Centre, Stoney Cove is another good diver training centre with a PUB on site � ideal for a cool pint after a dive! Stoney Cove runs both PADI and BSAC courses, there is also a dive shop onsite. More Information can be found on
The Farne Islands
A group of 30 small islands two to three miles off the Northumberland coast, here there is a large colony of Atlantic/Grey Seals. There are also numerous seabirds such as Seagulls, Puffins, Shags etc which is a magnificient site in breeding season. The strip of coast by the Farne Island is well known for being a danger area for ships hence there is quite a bit of wreck diving to be done here.
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Baltimore is a small coastal village, situated 13kms south-west of Skibbereen
U260 (Cork)
The U260 was scuttled on 12 March 1945 south of Ireland after being mined at 80 metres. All of the crew survived the scuttling and were interned in Ireland. More information can be found at
Malin Head
Malin head lies off the coast of Donegal in Ireland , with 12 known wreck dive sites~
Bills Rock
Bills Rock lies a few miles off shore from Achill Island in the West of Ireland. It is well known that this is the home of basking sharks. Depth here is approx maximum 50m and visibility varies from 10 � 15 metres.
The Skelligs are situated 9 miles off shore mainland Ireland, visibility here is seldom less than 15m and is often in excess of 30m. Here you will see hard and soft coral with plenty of anemone which results in colourful diving. If you dive deep enough you will come to a wall to 45 m to dives in the 15-25 m range.