Deaf Divers
UKStoney Cove2009January 30th Weekend
First trip of the year! We will make a weekend out of it, heading to nearby town on Friday evening. Two/three dive sessions on Saturday followed up by one/two dives on Sunday. Ideal for refreshing dive skills and to catch up on both Friday and Saturday nights! Details on accomodation can be found at here. and the diving itself on here.
UKPortland/Swanage2009February 20th Weekend
This is fast becoming one of our favourite destinations. We will have two dives at Portland on the Saturday followed up by a dive at Swanage Pier on the Sunday! More details to follow re: Accommodation. However, should you wish to attend then please email us and we will secure a place on the boat (completed with a lift!).
UKLeybourne Lake or Wraysbury2009March 21st
Depending on interests gauged, we will meet at either one of the two destinations to dive. This is an excellent opportunity to brush up any skills or undertake a course. Two Deaf Instructors will be present to help with any issues you may have. Afterwards, we can eat out together. Both destinations are a short drive away from London.
UKNewhaven2009April 24th Weekend
We will charter a boat for Saturday and possibly Sunday too. It is a short drive from Brighton where can eat out at afterwards. Beside the pier is a dive shop where you can get to hire equipments from, just email us for details.
UKVobster Quay2009May 15th Weekend
One of the UK's most popular inland diving centre, situated in the heart of Somerset countryside. Like Stoney Cove, this is an excellent opportunity to try out new equipment or refresh any skills. We can squeeze in 3 dives on the Saturday and time/weather permitting, fit in another dive or two on the Sunday. For more information, check out the site Vobster Quay
UKPlymouth2009June 19th Weekend
Wrecks diving galore - Scylla and some others. A great oopportunity to polish up wrecks diving skills before the annual week long trip next month (to Scapa Flow). We will be going for the full weekend so this promises to be a great weekend. More information to be publshed on here soon.
UKScapa Flow2009July (TBC)
Every year, we have a week long trip. For 2009, we have voted for Scapa Flow which is famed for its wrecks (frequently published as one of top 100 must dive destination in the world!). Logistics are yet to be confirmed but a possibility is hiring a mini-bus from London. Only experienced advanced open water divers as a minimum can attend. It is important to secure your place on the trip asap.
UKCapernwray/River Lune2009August 7th Weekend
As we have dived alot in the south england, we have decided to give the north side a go. In this trip, we will be paying a visit to Capernwray inland diving centre on the Saturday followed up by a drift dive along River Lune. This is also a great opportunity for Deaf Divers from the north to attend.
IndonesiaKomodo and Sunda Islands200919th-29th September
The trip is organised by Worldwide Dive and Sail. Maximum capacity - 16 people. They aim to have at least 12 Deaf/hoh per trip. The trip costs 1450 per person. Will get discounts if book 7 places at the same time. Requires 30% deposit at the time of booking. You can find all the info on the website.
UKFarnes200924th to 27th September
Friendly seals can be found at Farnes. As this is a long drive from the south, we will be heading up on Thursday night in order to make the most of the long weekend. More details re: accommodation and dives will be published here nearer the time.
UKPortland/Swanage2009October 23rd Weekend
See trip in Feb 2009 above for details.
UKDD Social Gathering2009November 26th
Meet at a pub in central London to discuss the 2010 schedule as well as chat about the trips made this year! Also a great opportunity to catch up with all of us on a dry land for a change!
BelgiumBrussels20094th/5th December
Take the Eurostar train from London to Brussels on the Friday night and we will be diving the Nemo 33 which is the world's deepest diving pool on the Saturday - see here. After the pool dive, we can sightsee the city itself followed up by some shopping!
If interested in any of the trips above, please email us at